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What I Wrote Jack Hibberd

What I Wrote Jack Hibberd

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Jack Hibberd is a complex playwright who has a cruel and keen eye. Hibberd uses the existential and comical clown to form part of his characters, for instance with Monk in A Stretch of the Imagination. We laugh with his characters, at them and at times we feel for them. In his most famous play, Dimboola, Hibberd uses a tribal ritual which is familiar to us all to break down the fourth wall that normally separates the play from the audience. Hibberd talks openly about his use of language, story and form, his adaptation of literary works to the stage, the rehearsal process and his time at La Mama and the Pram Factory.

The DVD Includes eight ‘lesson starter’ short films

Short Films

Theme Films
Ideas to Script
The Pram Factory & La Mama
Script to Stage
Writer’s Tips

Play Films
A Stretch of the Imagination
White With Wire Wheels

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