About Us

The Counihan Connection is a series of short films about award winning artists. In each film, an artist creates a work inspired by the art of Noel Counihan.

Director's Statement

Art that is hanging in a gallery is considered precious and untouchable.  It takes on a reverential value. The Counihan Connection films explore what the art is like when it is still in the hands of the artist.

The films are set in the studios of the artists, they are covered in charcoal, paint, ink and solvents. The artists walk on their art, pin it up with drawing pins and spray over old canvases. The art is not yet precious, it’s a work in progress.

And so the style of filming reflects this. The documentaries are a filmed using a combination of hand held observational camera and on the spot the interviews. There is nothing staged or precious in the filmmaking.

Joseph Brady and Rebecca Charleswoth’s syncopated music rounds off the irreverential feel of the images. You can visit their website at Music vs Physics.

The films are produced by Snodger Media. Snodger also produced the What I Wrote series on Australian writers.

The director of the films is Catherine Gough-Brady. Catherine Gough-Brady directs documentaries for radio and TV.

You can contact us via email: sales@snodger.com.au

You can order DVDs or purchase them online by visiting our shop.

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Counihan Connection